Ashleigh Wehmeyer on Why She Chose PenFed Realty

Ashleigh PhotoWe hear time and time again that the decision to join Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices was not only simple, but easily the best decision agents have made for their personal brands.  Ashleigh Wehmeyer, a PenFed Realty Sales Professional and 2015 Rookie of the Year, shares about her decision to partner with the most recognized and admired home-ownership services brand in the industry.

Respected Brand

“I think that everyone knows Berkshire Hathaway; it’s the integrity, trust and the stability that is involved with the brand that is really evident to people,” said Ashleigh. “It gets my sellers’ attention as well as my buyers’ attention.”

“When I started with PenFed Realty I was a brand new Realtor and I didn’t have any experience.  I didn’t really have a track record of my own that I could put forth in front of my clients, but because of our brand I was able to hit the ground running.  Not only do we have resources from the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices side, but we also have resources from the PenFed Realty side,” Ashleigh explained.  “Being able to bring those two brands together, I have very professional presentation documents, online resources, and social media resources.”

Resourceful CoachingQuote Box_Ashleigh Wehmeyer Why I Joined

PenFed Realty’s branch leaders are committed to building great relationships with each of our agents.  Our agents benefit from personal coaching, training and support from a team of leaders that are committed to taking each agent’s business to the next level.

“All of us know our brokers, they are very involved with what we do and they are available to us to answer questions and help us out when we either need help with branding, lead generation or transaction information, and that’s been really important to me,” said Ashleigh.

“What I like about our company is that they really are looking at investing in you for the long haul. They’re not just looking at getting numbers and growing; they want us to be successful in our business,” Ashleigh explained.  “In my first year I was able to sell 12 homes for over six million dollars in transactions; it was really a wonderful start for me.”

PenFed Realty’s vision is to provide a gateway to a better life for our sales professionals and we are proudly recognized for a strong growth trend that consistently outperforms our competitors by double-digits.  To learn how you can achieve growth faster and more profitably than you could with any other real estate company, visit