How to Move Water Through Your Landscape (8 photos)

With all the snow that has fallen in the Mid-Atlantic region, many homeowners will be worried about water drainage. Below is an article – with 8 photos – describing how water can be removed with swales. Something to consider in the spring.
Drainage problems and issues with moving water are common challenges for homeowners. They can originate from the way the site was developed when the home was constructed and may become worse over time, depending on the neighboring topography and changes to neighborhood drainage. Opinions differ on the best ways to handle stormwater, and it’s helpful to know your options and be familiar with stormwater management techniques when hiring a professional to undertake grading and site work.
The movement of water in the landscape is a big design opportunity, because the relationship between water and ground can take many forms. Water can be moved on the surface with swales, underground with drainage pipes or in combination. Read on to learn how swales work to move water, when they should be used in conjunction with other techniques and when subdrainage may work best.