Financial Planning Webinar Pt 2: COVID-19 and Your Money Futures

On June 17th, PenFed Wealth Management hosted part 2 of their Financial Planning webinar series for agents. Special guest Nick Defenthaler, a nationally recognized financial planner from the Center for Financial Planning, provided his expert advise on how to successfully navigate the complexities of the financial market during COVID-19.

Nick spoke about developing a financial plan in the way most think about building a new home:

  • Pouring a foundation
    • Cash flow evaluation, emergency funds, estate planning
  • Framing the house
    • 401k investment and retirement income planning
  • Furnishing and decorating the house
    • Remaining focused and positive during times of uncertainty

Nick explained pro tips including a helpful budgeting rule, comparing your current financial statements with pre-COVID statements, taking advantage of low interest rates and being proactive with your bank and credit card companies.

You can see the full recording of the webinar below: